Modern Tech introduces latest technology: Technology for energy management
Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 @ 04:48:40 JST
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Modern Tech introduces latest technology: Technology for energy management

Modern Tech has introduced leading technology for energy management, remote monitoring and control solutions titled Semaphore systems in Sri Lanka for the first time.

Modern Tech Managing Director Gamini Perera told Daily News Business that energy management is a critical area world over with global climate change and it is even more important to developing Sri Lanka after 30 years of war because high cost of production has become a challenge to all industries in highly competitive markets.

He said it has become imperative to focus and validate core business strategy and execution plans to align processes with the right engineering solutions and technology to enhance performance. The newly introduced Semaphore T Box concept can do wonders in managing energy and reduce cost of maintenance in a big way and it reduces wastage of time, money and other resources.

The launch of the product was held at Waters Edge Battaramulla recently.

Semaphore T Box

Elaborating on the system he said when there is a power failure or any other defect on the top floor in a high rise building the system gets activated immediately and sends SMS and e-mails to the maintenance team and other relevant authorities so that the problem can be rectified on-line smoothly.

Similarly many things can be done through remote controllers under this concept such as temperature in communication towers, water levels in distribution tanks, generator conditions in any place could be monitored and controlled with remote controller from any where in the country.

Some of the services provided by the company include building management systems, temperature control solutions and energy management solutions.

Perera hoped to make several awareness campaigns in Colombo followed by demonstrations as this is new to Sri Lanka.

He has invested over Rs 4 million for equipment at the initial stage and planning to expand the service into other areas through a strong distribution network which will create a number of employment opportunities.

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